Ride Safely for Mick

16. 10. 09
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Ride Safely For Mick

By Ian Park and Mick Stevens


Acting Senior Sergeant Mick Stevens has been the Officer in Charge of the Indooroopilly Road Policing Unit for a last couple of years.  Indooroopilly Road Policing's area of responsibility includes the three very popular riding areas of Mt Coot-tha, Mt Nebo and Mt Glorious.  Mick has also been a great supporter of #ridesafely4me since it began, not only because it's message correlates with his professional perspective, it also means something to him personally as well.

I asked Mick if he would be prepared to share with us his message for motorcyclists.  As you will see it runs much deeper than 'just doing his job.'

"The message I would like to share with the motorcycling community is this.  I am the Officer in Charge of the Indooroopilly Road Policing Unit, the Police responsible for road enforcement in the Mt Glorious, Mt Nebo and Mt Coot Tha areas.  I am a police motorcyclist, I am also a civilian motorcyclist.

"We want everyone to ride safely and survive."

Police are not anti-motorbikes.  Quite the opposite, as many of us ride motorbikes in our free time, we just want everyone to ride safely and survive, and to keep on riding and enjoying the motorcycling lifestyle into old age.


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Acting Senior Sergeant Mick Stevens


Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity, but if all motorcyclists ride safely and obey the traffic regulations, we can all actively reduce motorcycle crashes. Many motorcyclists think that Police are there just to 'ruin their fun' and to restrict their personal freedom and choices.  Yes we enforce the road regulations, but those regulations are in place for everyone’s safety, including the safety of motorcyclists.  Speed limits and double lines truly are there for a reason.

I understand that many motorcyclists claim that they are solely responsible for their own safety and if something bad happens then it is their own fault, but this is a very narrow minded view.  A serious or fatal motorcycle crash affects a wide range of people.  Firstly it affects the family and loved ones of the motorcyclist, and the emergency services response, which includes Police, Ambulance, Firefighters and Hospital staff. 

"I have also lost friends in motorbike crashes."

A serious or fatal crash affects people profoundly, I remember everyone I have ever been to, and remember that motorcyclists ALWAYS come off second best in a multi vehicle crash.  I have also lost friends in motorbike crashes, I understand the affects it has on people that last forever.

I want motorcyclists to enjoy areas like Mt Glorious, Mt Nebo and Mt Coot Tha.  I enjoy riding my personal motorbike, with my wife pillion.  My wife loves riding on the back of the motorbike and comments that she feels absolutely free when doing so.  I want everyone to experience that feeling when riding motorbikes.  I want motorcyclists to enjoy riding safely, because I don’t want to be involved in a crash and endanger my wife or myself because of another motorcyclists riding unsafely.

Please #ridesafely4me."